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How to stand out in your company: 6 reasons to use

Everybody has a phase that desires to stand out in the company. It’s hard, believe it! Bringing more clients is good, but not enough. If you better the management model, improving the proudcitvity, it is possible you save money and be outstanding. One good way to do that is implement a collaborative tool.

According to McKinsey Global Institute, by fully implementing social technologies, companies have the opportunity to raise the productivity of interaction workers—high-skill knowledge workers, including managers and professionals—by 20 to 25 percent. That is what make for you. You may be hesitant, unsure if this is the best way. We listed 6 reasons to help you expanding in your company:

1. More people, better
More people using means larger manager control. The leader will have a better view of the time invested by team, he/she will know when tasks and projects will be delivered and the real cost of the projects… How many people using, better the team communication.

2. Funding’s shareholders are three co-founders (successful entrepreneurs in other previous companies in the IT and publishing sectors) and two of the world’s leading investment funds in high-tech companies: Monashees and 500Startups, from Silic Valley. We will be with you and your company when you need. We have a structured business plan.

3. Constant evolution
Our product is getting better everyday! To develop it, we listen to our customers needs, and fix our eyes on the latest solutions for each new feature.

4. Dozens of security certificates uses Amazon AWS servers for the majority of its services that make up the platform. They are constantly audited and boast the most renowned security and availability seals in the industry.

5. Good clients
More than 30.000 companies, including the most loved, use to manage tasks and teams: Bosch, Amil, USP, Mondial and Pereira O’Dell.

6. A new step in your career
By leading the expansion of in your company, it will be clear you desire to be part of a productive team – it will be very beneficial to your company. Now you know how to stand out in the company. You have a decision to make with your career!

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