Stop working so many hours!

Measuring productivity of your workforce by the number of hours they spend in the office can not be a good idea. At least it’s what says a recent study, published in the Harvard Business Review blog, made by management professor Kimberly Elsbach: link to the post  If measure efficiency by hours spent in the office was the correct path, increase productivity would be a matter of increasing the number of hours worked, but we know that this does not work.

Employees accustomed to the culture of “hours spent” generates an opposite effect, where much time is wasted on tasks with very little impact on business results.

To give the right focus, professor Elsbach suggests that people must give attention to the priority of tasks, try to escape from meetings – where much time is spent in exchange for low results – and know how to say “no” to small tasks that appear to be pure waste of time. can help your team to focus on what matters. Create a free account and begin to try it now.

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