sustainability in business

Sustainability in business: time to be great

It was not only in World Cup. Germany also won the Top Global Energy Efficiency Ranking. Out of the 16 largest economies, U.S. places 13th and U.K., 6th. The report was issued by American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and declares: a country that uses less energy to achieve the same goal – or even overcome – reduces costs e pollutes less, developing an economy more competitive. This is sustainability in business.

World Commission on Environment and Global Development defines sustainability as a development able to supply the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations. On the other hand, “China consumed in the last three months more cement than USA in the whole 20th century. This consumption model is impracticable. The advancement of technology is not sufficient to reduce the environmental impact of industry. About 40% of all the food produced in EUA is simply thrown in the trash.” – that’s what tell us the Canadian thinker and one of the favorite authors of Bill Gates, Vaclav Smil, on his book “Making the Modern World”. So, are your company wasting time, money and health of investors and employees? Be aware right now and keep reading it.

5 practical & basic tips

Sustainability in business starts with such a simple decision-making:

  1. Open windows and enjoy the natural light and ventilation.
  2. Disconnect air conditioning half an hour before closing time and at lunchtime. When you turn it on, close the doors.
  3. Create the policy of keeping just goods for consumption in the fridge. Moreover, it should not be close to hot spots such as stove or windows where the sun shines.
  4. Avoid leaving your laptop in charge all night along.
  5. Unplug printer and scanner when they are not in use.

3 inspiring examples

88% of the 100 largest US companies now disclose their greenhouse gas and energy metrics, while 65% disclose water use. If a company is not disclosing greenhouse gases, energy, water or waste, it is now offside.


  • Australia’s oldest banking institution, with annual revenues of $38 billion (USD) and over 36,000 employees.
  • The first bank to join the Australian government’s Greenhouse Challenge Plus and the first financial institution in Australia to create a matching donation program.
  • Has great productivity indicators (Energy, Carbon, Water and Waste Productivity), and Leadership Diversity, which looks at gender diversity in management and on the board of directors, according to Global 100.

Outotec OYJ

  • Finnish minerals and metals processing technology company.
  • Has a strong energy and carbon management program
  • Relative to its industry peers the company also scored well on the CEO-to-Average-Worker Pay Ratio indicator, which is a measure of enterprise-wide pay equity.


  • Green Product sales increased to 51% of total sales (EUR 11.8 billion) in 2013 and beats target two years ahead of plan.
  • Invested €509m in Green Innovation, dedicated to addressing global challenges related to care, materials and energy efficiency.
  • Included 14,000 tons of recycled content in its products by focusing on the material streams plastics, aluminium, refurbished products, and spare parts harvesting.

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