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Task management: 3 old problems now solved

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has reported that, between the years 2000 and 2013, our ability to pay attention to a task without becoming distracted dropped from twelve to just eight seconds. To give you a clearer idea, a goldfish stays focused for nine seconds. We know well who to blame, but nowadays who works without internet? The bad news says, according to this study, that an office worker checks his/her email on average 30x per hour. And you shouldn’t perpetuate this outdated way of working… My tip for you is that you’ll know how to solve the following problems by applying a task management tool:


1. I don’t know where to start

A) Open your notepad or Word. Opened? List all the tasks you have to deliver, no matter when, as you remember them. Satisfied? Now yes, prioritize. Select the tasks for today, the tasks for tomorrow, until the end of the week.
B) It’s time to estimate a required time for each one. There are eight hours of work to distribute among the tasks, now listed by importance and urgency.
C) Cooperate with you: don’t work on two or three jobs all at once, but all that estimated time for each one goes down. If you works on one by one, you master your deadlines and see if you need to delegate (when there are more urgence and less importance) or ask for support.


2. Every thing over my shoulders

A) To guide your team with a task management tool, you can’t just delegate, indiscriminately. Use it to send the briefing, links, comments and download useful files to help them accomplish the task.
B) It’s essential that you allow requests and receiving of tasks. However, the manager can’t be interrupted at any time to authorize it or deny it. The good news is that your task management tool solves it for you! Just set who can delegate tasks to anyone. More formality and less communication by word of mouth.
C) When the task is extensive and depends on stages, you can outline a sequence of responsibles. Once a step is completed, the task is passed to the next in the list.


3. Data are gone

A) Your task management tool is the cure for two old and serious problems: when it takes too long you to find files on the machines of the department and when the data suddenly disappear. Prefer an online tool to have a repository of all the tasks already delivered and all shared files and information in the company.
B) This one you should’t postpone: a search field to quickly find tasks already completed, where you saved a document, a link or an important agreement.
C) At any time, from any computer or mobile. A task management tool in the cloud enables you to access the enterprise system to create new tasks for your team. Check out even their list of the next day’s tasks and the progress of that great project.


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