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Task management: 5 podcasts to save your Monday

Monday always comes. So why to receive it badly? Have you ever stopped to think that, despising Monday, you’ll be unaware to the opportunities that the new week brings? I bet what you wanted deep down was not to skip this day, but to turn it into a day of achievements. So here we are to suggest you some podcasts, relaxed conversations full of testimonials and expert’s tips on the importance of having a task management for your day not to be just one more. Headphones in place? Just relax and listen while you work…


1. How to measure your productivity

People say “What gets measured, gets managed.” That’s why they measure everything–so they can manage it. Too many people go to the gym thinking they should weigh themselves after every workout. They believe their weight measures fitness, so that’s what they measure, and that’s what they manage. But that’s silly and Stever Robbins explains why.


2. Six key causes of chronic lateness and how to overcome them

Are you one of those people constantly challenged by time? Always apologizing for being late for meetings? Remember that your delays are your real drama, but also a disrespect you do not need to have as a brand when people think of you.


3. Why do you sabotage yourself when trying to break bad habits?

Why do people fail so often when trying to lose bad habits? You try to diet, get a sport, quit smoking, spend less time on the internet, read more books and suddenly you lose control. The solution is related to Conditioning, a psychological phenomenon that the scientists Pavlov and Skinner study. See how it works, why it happens, and how you can use it in your life.


4. What successful people do before breakfast and on the weekend

Ask yourself: “What would make this a great day at work?” And at the end of the day, “What I would like to have changed to make the day worth it?” The first step to reform it is to keep track of tasks, paying attention to how you are spending your time. What we do in the morning affects the rest of the day and, by the way, you should not get out of bed early to do something you do not want.


5. Simple routine changes to renew your way of seeing things

Most often when we think about process improvement we picture major data collection, pricey consultants, black belts and more. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. This talk is about making your routine and also the processes of your company more efficient by the way of simple actions.


To save Monday, more than that, to save all the week from low productivity in your team, you will need more than a few podcasts. Meet the task management online tool used by more than 100,000 companies in over 100 countries. Test Runrun.it for free: http://runrun.it




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