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Task management software: work with it, not within it

230,000 full-time and part-time workers in 142 countries. Gallup has been measuring international employee satisfaction and finally – and sadly – found that only 13% of workers feel engaged by their jobs. However, for lack of knowledge, many managers, in order to discover the origins of this “emotional disconnection from the workplace,” appeal to the timesheets. And they end up insisting upon the team to enter in writing the time spent on each task. But no, the solution is not watching. Rather, the solution is guiding. That’s why task management software were invented. Check out the problems it solves:

How not to do

Common mistakes which may seem normal but are precisely the villains of willingness to work:

  • Waiting for a timesheet completed in writing every day (or every week), every accomplished task;
  • Needing (several) emails to pass the briefing and share documents;
  • Convening follow-up meetings to know when tasks will be delivered;
  • Searching a thousand folders to find some file when the customer calls;
  • Taking a long time merging spreadsheets to get a general report of the project.


How to do

Instead of perpetuating these delays and confusion of everyday, you can unify the entire workflow of your company and drive it into a task management software. You need not even keep it open all the time to work. All you have to do is accessing it and clicking to work and to deliver a task. If you opt for a software that uses the methodology of priority, your employees may still focus on one task at a time, following the list, without spending time to decide between the urgent and the important tasks.

Given your list of tasks, the system will determine the date and time of the next deliveries. The software will also be the place where everyone will share documents and helpful comments. Automated, the team’s workflow adopts a completely new style, much more quick and transparent. Moreover, depending on the tool, you will can use it to schedule tasks, to create an automatic sequence of responsibles and to set permission for delegating and receiving tasks.

In other words, a task management software does not do the work for you, but considerably help you to organize it and produce much better. Oh, do you remember those management reports that you worked so hard to build? It only takes a few clicks to the system show many of them on your screen. Now, it’s up to you to interpret them (and probably celebrate the significant increase in everyone’s productivity).


If you have identified yourself by reading not only the list of dangerous mistakes of everyday, but also the solutions I presented to you, it’s time to meet Runrun.it. We are the task management software developed by managers to managers, recommended by 83% of our customers. Every productivity gain described here, we guarantee, you will find in our tool. Try it for free: http://runrun.it


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