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Task manager software: get the best out of your team

Less than a month ago, we lost Warren Bennis. He was a psychologist, counselor to presidents and a great American scholar of contemporary leadership concepts that we encourage here at Runrun.it. Bennis said “The manager asks how and when. The leader asks what and why”. And what does it mean? The unfolding of your problems just happens in a productive and healthy way if, first of all, you make the right questions. That’s when you’ll need a task manager software: to get the right answers. Check out now five reasons to use it and get the best out of your employees without sacrificing their well-being:

1. Less

E-mails and endless meetings just to try to understand the real date the tasks will be delivered.
Why? According to a McKinsey research, reading and answering emails wastes more than 2 hours in a working day of 8 hours. If part of the remaining time is spent in meetings, how much lefts to produce?
How? With a task manager software, briefings can be clarified with comments inside the tasks. Similarly, delivery dates are visible and are automatically recalculated when there are delays or changes in priorities.
When? Before delays in deliveries multiply and before you watch the stress in your team that don’t attain efficient results, even working for real.

2. Formalize

The disorganized demands for tasks.
Why? With “urgent” requests coming from everybody, employees find it difficult to prioritize what’s important. As a result, the delivery of their real tasks risks delaying or failure.
How? Determine who can delegate tasks to whom and tell these people from whom they can receive tasks. A task manager software will make quite clear these permissions.
When? Before you realize your team is working on several heads besides you.

3. Rate

The tasks of the projects and label the most time-consuming ones.
Why? View the lists of tasks divided by status, e.g. “working”, “pending approval”, “trading”, “testing”, “delivered”, among others.
How? A good software provides automatic status of tasks and lets you create your own, in order to keep you aware of the projects’ stages.
When? Whenever a project becomes complex and you need to have a quick overview of each task.

4. Prove

Your company cares about its customers.
Why? Tracking the projects’ progress lets your customers and investors more secure and willing to recommend your company.
How? Your team’s performance may be shown in several types of productivity reports, e.g. the one that indicates how long each team devoted to a project, or how much it actually costs to your company, or even the good old Gantt.
When? You, manager, can surprise your clients by demonstrating and interpreting reports even sooner than they expected.

5. Reward

The hard work of your most dedicated employees.
Why? Motivation can pass away pretty fast. Reward your best employees to encourage them to keep investing in their talent and to encourage other employees to seek for this award.
How? Create a system of badges and reward according to some criteria such as the number of tasks delivered, if delivered on time or within the average effort required, if it was remade and so on.
When? Daily, as you monitor the performance of your employees, or whenever you finish interpreting the reports.


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