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Task scheduler: 4 features that make the best ones

When you search for a good task scheduler for your business, it’s probably because you’re already using half of your time trying to manage where to start, when to end, and who to blame. This is an authentic problem and I’m glad to help you. Before beginning or delegating anything, you shall understand these 4 attributes that a great task scheduler has to teach us. And which are they? Now we’ll see:

1. My estimated time

How long do I have to accomplish this task? Note how, in general, a task is made of stages, subtasks. Understand which ones are in order to determine how long the responsible for the task might need. Leave a margin for those final adjustments that usually appear.

2. Task deadline

When will tasks be delivered? A fair and well-communicated deadline has day and time. It doesn’t need to be so rigid and punctual, but a reasonable range, e.g., between 3pm and 4pm. Delegating – recall it – is natural and necessary, it’s not about neglecting the work.

3. Delegated tasks

Who’s the responsible for each activity in a task scheduler ? The responsibilities of your employees are properly linked to their skills? Is this clear? Who does what in your company? Careless at controlling tasks usually creates many “bosses” in the teams, delegating from everywhere, especially via email and making employees unfocused.

4. What comes first?

What’s the priority of each task? There are certain businesses that, because of their very nature, change of priority all the time. If there’s no efficient task scheduler, people stay wondering what to do. So, it’s very important to get results aligned with the organization’s strategies, and to make it clear to employees the priorities.


With Runrun.it, besides these 4 well-defined steps of a task scheduler for controlling the relevant tasks, you can also talk through each task – making comments and eliminating the nightmare of excessive e-mails – attach documents and files, without lost them in several machines in the company. And you can even follow the activities done by users in real time – also the many reports of productivity available. Try Runrun.it for free: http://runrun.it


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