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Task software: a competitive advantage

According to the SAP Latin America VP of operations, Fernando Lewis, throughout history, few technologies have had a quick acceptance in companies, including small and medium ones, such as cloud computing. Proof of this is the high demand for professional task software, like Runrun.it, which has been standing out to increase the productivity of teams in up to 25%. In our research, 47% said that the software 1) makes the priorities clearer for employees, 2) preserves the history of tasks and intellectual capital, and 3) improves control on time spent on tasks, projects and customers. The competitive advantage that this represents is not small at all. Check out:


Now the fight is on equal footing

You will agree with me that it is not consistent asking the team to bring innovative ideas to deal with competitors if the work environment is not innovative. That is why one of the most effective deeds is to transfer the workflow to the cloud, to create a culture of innovation. No matter the size of your company, the task software organizes the home and set it in the running with larger companies, that do not care of management like yours. Technology makes room on the agenda of the manager to focus on new business strategies, and get rid of bureaucratic work.


The simplicity that everyone is looking for

The competitive advantage only grows, since your company modernizes and automatizes without paying for expensive software licenses or set a special infrastructure: just computers people already use. In addition, the intuitive and clean interface of the task software reminds what we use every day in our phones and tablets apps. Sometimes, it is not necessary to train your staff to use the tool. Anyway, hiring the tool means access to a helpful team support able to understand the reality of your company. The question is: if you feel it is what you need, do not expect your competitors feel the same before you.


Fast communication and even more control

The manager can access the task software from any device with internet access, whether to view the dashboard with the tasks each in your team is working on and the time already spent, or to consult the team, make decisions and communicate them through comments (forget emails). Moreover, with few clicks, the manager get costs and time reports. All this is possible because the software gathers all customers, projects and tasks, and to start working, just click play on the task marked as a priority in the list. Once each task has title, responsible (or even sequence), type and client/project (besides fields for description, attachments and comments), the system calculates and tells the manager the date and hour of its delivery – from small tasks to big projects.


Do you need a task software to make your life easier? Do you want to replace the old timesheet by a system that estimates the delivery date of the next tasks? What about a hierarchy set to eliminate demands of fake bosses? With 10 reports of time and costs available, Runrun.it is what you are looking for. Try it for free: http://runrun.it


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