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Team management can save everybody’s productivity

Here at, I learned that a desirable team management means much more dialogue and less attempts to overpower. The more benefits you bring to this relationship, the more results you’ll get from your employees. Take your notebook to write down five key tips to deal with those who will lead the projects of your company to the public recognition. They are the same people who someday will spread what you taught them. Here’s what you can learn from now:

1. Roadmap

Define what it needs to be done, by whom and when for your team management. But beware: it’s bad listing several tasks without informing your team the expected results. Therefore, create a roadmap for each new project. So the team can check whether the goals have been met and, if you wish, even your customers can track the progress of the job.

2. Contact

Following the previous tip, schedule meeting per month where you will discuss new initiatives and the overall status of the project. Each person will be able to say what they feel that is important for the success of the work. Stay in touch with your employees to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as disagreements on the team, delays by poor briefings or bottlenecks. If these meetings are physically impossible, try a videoconference.

3. Recognition

Encouraging people is healthy at any time during the day, and it shouldn’t be only when the team has already become disheartened. You may give performance notes, even medals, a day off or more flexibility in timetabling to reward your more efficient employees. In general, words of encouragement are not enough because they are easily forgotten.

4. Support

Ask employees how they are doing their jobs and whether they need help. Try involving them in a kinder environment. Be worried about what’s happening in their lives, which are their dreams and pleasures, and what you can do to help the team progress. Just be careful to avoid letting the relationship get too intimate. Remember that the professional environment requires goals and objectives – and you are there to support your team to achieve them.

5. Visibility

When using an online project manager, you need to make fewer revisions. That’s because you keep updated on what employees are doing and can identify or anticipate problems. Remember: if you manage crises all the time is because they need be more planned and monitored.


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