Teamwork: What’s behind who gets along

It is customary to try to find a common secret to successful teams. What do they do? How does an eclectic mix of people can result in a good work? What made this creative conflict experience as productive? We will clarify these issues for you.

According to TED Margaret Heffernan, an element often overlooked and needed to build an organization and an efficient team is the capital. She said the confidence, knowledge and reciprocity together create a united group and quality. In any business, you can have excellent professionals, but what drives them to share ideas and concerns, contribute and tell the group about the risks is your connection to each other.

1. Build a social capital

Building social capital sounds like an abstract idea, but derives from a small actions accumulation. How to banish the coffee cups in office tables, to ensure that employees leave together around the coffee machine. What happens between people – not just in meetings but in informal conversations, brief exchanges in the hallway, at the water cooler – makes an immeasurable difference in productivity. With the capital, organizations become more productive, creative, efficient and profitable. This is because high levels of trust and intimacy create a climate of security and honesty and makes it easy to share the fresh thought or idea unpredictable.

2. Generate empathy

Empathy – the ability to analyze the world through the eyes of others – is critical to any organization, since through it is possible to learn demands and responsibilities of all departments. If every employee has the opportunity to see the business angle of another department, able to see common themes, ways to help and support others and thereby make the connection and empathy among employees grow.

3. Say goodbye to competitiveness

The practice of competitiveness creates scenarios where or you’re the best or is the loser. This generates anxiety, stress and hence worse results. Competitive climate can create worse coworkers. The danger is employees become more concerned about being the best than to collaborate with the team. Competitiveness is good only when it brings gains.

4. Fear to disagree

While many people fear the conflict because they believe that it harms your relationships, the paradox is that the honest conflict – while working together, not persecution – is the social connection grow. When you avoid disagree, any kind of conflict happens, allowing the so-called “organizational silence”, which increases the difficulty to innovate and point out problems to be solved. The secret to growing social connection in your group, you see, is an opinion, because only then you can see the perspectives of the other.

This does not mean that co-workers have to be best friends, or that the mind is a permanent requirement. The secret to a work mingled team is that everyone is focused on a larger goal to develop a high degree of social capital. And of course, a modern working methods can help you with all this! Try, the management software that shows real-time task in which everyone is working and makes teamwork up to 25% more productive. Free Trial:


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