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Thank you for your business: 3 tips to make smile

Thank you for doing a great job! If a message like that has reached your hands, you understand how it can improve the entire rest of your day. But if it never came, show people how to do and let gratitude comes from your hands. Employees, customers, investors and suppliers… When you let people know you appreciate their work, it’s not just about being nice or having good manners. Being grateful relieves you in times of stress and makes people more willing to offer your support and guidance. It turns out that you end up forgetting to thank because you think the presence, the advice or the effort of someone are natural. However, you don’t have to be someone indifferent. Here are three tips for you to compose your thank for your business message.

1. Be clear

You don’t need to write more than a few lines. Tell the person exactly how he/she made a difference. What he/she told, did or gave to you that made a difference? It’s when you give details that the other person can see that you really have benefited from his/her gesture and that you want to show gratitude. For example, if someone worked over the weekend to complete a presentation, tell that you recognize what he/she gave up.


2. By e-mail or even by SMS

Give thanks for simple things that seem small. When sending an email, you may say on the subject “Thank you” or “Thank you for X”, start with “Dear” and end with “Best regards”. There’s no difficulty. Email is a tool primarily for work, so, when someone receives a special thanks by email, it becomes one of the most remarkable experiences. However, an SMS or WhatsApp are also immediate means of expressing your gratitude, before you forget it again. Write the person’s name, even if it’s just to say thanks. A good score and good grammar shows that you have invested your time in the message.


3. Be creative

Have an agenda with the birthdays of everyone: employees, customers, investors and suppliers. Make a card yourself, even a drawing, or take a picture of you thanking. You can let the moment funny or moving, depending on the recipient. Call your colleagues and post a video on YouTube or Instagram of your greatest thanks! If you can be memorable, do it.


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