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The 3 advantages of using a project manager

You may wonder: if we already have a responsible for managing projects in the team, why we need a project manager? Actually, the project manager is the working tool of the contemporary manager and also a great help for the whole team. In general, the project manager is a software (best work online) and can be understood as an evolution: 1) of the e-mail used for communication between the team, 2) of the timesheet and 3) of the costs and productivity reports. Want to know the advantages of all this in practice? Just take a look:


1) Bureaucratic becomes automatic

How many follow-up meetings you have with the team per week? If most of them are to find out the project’s progress, to try to re-estimate deadlines and watch the expenses, your business is perfect to use a project manager. First, because re-estimating delivery dates is something that the system does automatically, every task that comes in, delays or leaves the queue. Second, because the manager just need to enter the amount of man-hours on the system and it calculates everything else, including the difference between budgeted and worked hours. Another bureaucracy that ends is the duty to fill a timesheet. To work, you just need to click on play on the task and the system starts counting the time spent – what may be changed manually, if necessary. Moreover, you can only work on one task at a time, for the sake of your productivity and your entire team’s.


2) Intellectual capital stays safe

Teams are not eternals. Sooner or later, you will see people being replaced, for different reasons. The point is that the company must go on, but how to transfer the content shared by the worker who left the project for the one who comes, or if immediate decisions must be made? The project manager preserves all comments and files exchanged within the team, since everybody in the company works within the same system, to streamline communication, to both send and receive information, and to find it easily later.


3) Reports issue with a few clicks

If you need more time to think about strategic actions, but always felt that there was no solution, okay, no need to feel guilty. But there is. For you to calmly interpret data and take smarter decisions, the project manager produces several types of reports of cost and time, invested by client, project or responsible. Instead of the manager take several hours to assemble the old and huge spreadsheets and then the presentation to customers, it takes just three or four clicks and, voilà!, the reports will be ready to use on your screen. And believe me: in addition, now you also have reasons to recognize the talents of your team.


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