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The 5 biggest difficulties in task management

Do you know why the manager goes through so many difficulties? Because he/she actually is the only one who can solve them. I know it’s not easy to deal with all that accountability, but keeping the demands of projects in order is not supposed to give so much trouble. So, for each problem you tell me you’re facing in task management, I’ll suggest a solution. Here we go:


1. My team doesn’t do what I ask to

But does your team know what to do first? The root of the misunderstanding is on two problems: a briefing badly explained and poor communication of priorities. In addition, when a task is complex, the chance of confusion is greater. Instead of sending an email each time you remember a new detail, my advice is that you break big tasks into several smaller ones. In this way, it will be easier for employees to understand the task and for you to measure time and money spent. Also, check out if you’re not demanding too much of some than of others.


2. I don’t have time for my personal life

Plan and be faithful to what you planned. If you sleep 8h and work 12h, you will still have free 4h for your personal life, every day. It’s up to you to estimate how long it could take for each commitment and the quality of that time. After all, 1h well spent is much better than 3h of stress or little commitment. With planning, your time will be spent with more pleasure.


3. I receive demands from all sides

The board expects for results, while your team expects for guidance. You won’t be able to avoid it, but you can manage this tug of war in which the tug is you. Schedule an appointment in your week to generate and analyze reports. With these data, you will be able to identify solutions, introduce new ideas to the board and reduce bottlenecks. On the other hand, you will also be provided to make an evaluation of performance of your employees. Take a day every six months for the individual feedback.


4. My team has several “bosses”

You may have worked at companies where demands came from all sides, from several “bosses”, and this was something natural there. It turns out that the lack of an orderly workflow delays important tasks that were up to date and creates an only-emergency pile. In crisis, it just tends to worsen. However, you can delimit who should receive orders from whom, making it clear to the other managers. At first, you may encounter resistance, but then it will be clear to everyone that this is the best way to work.


5. I can’t make satisfactory decisions

Bibianna Teodori, Italian consultant and founder of Positive Transformation Coaching [http://www.bibiannateodoricoach.com], lists 10 steps for you to get closer to the resolution of your problems:

1. Define the problem and describe the situation based on what you and your team/company have: knowledge, skills, behavior, thoughts and feelings.

2. Investigate what’s really causing the situation or problem. Is the team? Is a problem of the company? Or is it personal?

3. What are the concrete changes that, if carried out, prove that the problem has been solved?

4. Create potential solutions to the problem. To do this, imagine that it has disappeared and identify what has changed. Explore the differences and identify the steps to implement an action plan to reach the ideal future.

5. Select the best solutions defined in the previous item.

6. Evaluate which ones would have failed and why you didn’t realize that this could happen.

7. Investigate the potential obstacles to the solutions defined in item 5.

8. Talk to the team involved to make the action plan.

9. Monitor the implementation of the action plan.

10. Review the progress of the plan and, finally, measure the results.


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