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Task management: the 7 failure-proof techniques

Do you know how many ways to manage a list of tasks exist? Perhaps, the same of people with tasks to manage. Thinking about it, we chose 7 techniques to that we call “failure-proof task management”. You probably use more than one of these. It depends on what you try to organize and how is your mood. And if you have another idea or ever created your own technique, share it in the comments! We would love to know and even perhaps publish your tip in a near post.


1. Mobile agenda

I have known many people who didn’t know it (including myself), so it may be that you either don’t, but your smartphone is a perfect agenda – by the fact that you are always together. You can use the S Planner if you have a Samsung Galaxy, and the Google Calendar on other Androids. Google has online version and synchronize all your devices. For iPhone, use “Calendar” to schedule meetings and “Reminders” to be warned of some task when you get home or to work. For Lumia, use “Calendar”.


2. Best Apps

By the way, here’s another great apps to use. Any.do is extremely simple and you can view your tasks and appointments in “list view” – Personal or Professional – or in “time view” – Today, Tomorrow, Soon, or Someday. When you check an item as done, it remains on the list, strikethrough, and so you can review what’s already completed. Other apps that we recommend are Evernote – which allows access to the old notes – and Wunderlist – that comes with ready lists as “Wish list”, “Movies to watch” and “Work”. Both allow you to share tasks and chat. Another excellent app is Google Keep, very beautiful, that organizes your notes in a post-its panel. All apps above let you create reminders.


3. Post-its

These were two glorious discoveries: virtual post-its! And they come in your computer, just need to look for. On Windows, use StikyNot. On Mac, use Stickies. Your post-its are going to be nailed to the Desktop. But, of course, you can be classic and pin your notes around the screen or on your own desk – since you don’t lose focus with this, of course! Post-its are great to divide your tasks into smaller ones and even to categorize your tasks according to their colors or to the area where they are.


4. Emergent Task Planner

Just print this page to use the technique. List what you need to do, estimate how long each task will take, and work for blocks of time. Step by step: 1) In the upper left side, write the date and the time of your day. 2) List three tasks you want to accomplish, or up to nine if you feel optimistic. 3) Select the required time blocks on the left. 4) Write down the interruptions and unplanned tasks, as needed. 5) Leave comments later in the day and prioritize what was left for tomorrow.


5. Mind Map

If you feel stuck to your routine and can’t take your goals out of the paper, maybe you should put them back in the paper. The technique of Mindmapping works by association of ideas for creative brainstorms and for management. To find the source of a problem or the effect of a decision and set priorities, you can make your mind map on a piece of paper. It’s quite simple:
• Write the main idea, the focus of the subject.
• The main themes come from the central idea as “branches” with keywords.
• Minor topics will be “twigs” of the branch.

6. Notebook and pen

Have a special notebook for your management tasks. Moleskine has beautiful models! And you can feel even more excited using a fancy pen, worthy of these notebooks. Perhaps this is the first step for you to get your tasks organized. It’s also worth as a tip for a Christmas’ gift.

7. Runrun.it

If you look for task management thinking not only of you, but of your whole team, so that all can be more productive, meet Runrun.it. With it, everyone works on one single system. Reports of costs and time by project or client are generated with a few clicks and more accurately than if they were made in hand. Recommended by 83% of our customers. Try it on for free: http://runrun.it


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