The motivators for a Team Management System

As inaugural blog “post”, we’ve chosen to talk about what motivated us to create this tool.

In the mid-2000s, our founders were ahead of teams in large companies. Basically, they had the same problems: high demands, limited resources to do them. Set priorities was fundamental, as well as monitor the progress of work and performance of colleagues. Several techniques were used for project management (PMI, Scrum, XP, etc.), but it was not possible to assign Project Managers for each of the numerous demands, nor rebuild the “Project” of all projects in every little change in the scope or priority. In 2007, our founder, Franklin Valadares, accepted the challenge of creating the area of ​​technology and products in a small company called Aorta.

Soon, the company’s focus shifted from communication services to technology based on proprietary platforms. The IT staff, led by Franklin, grew exponentially. The same problems experienced in the prior company to the aorta were appearing, and Franklin decided to use software – available as web services – trying to manage this environment of constant change. Several services have been tested, but not all met the demands of the moment. Besides being difficult to use, often with poorly designed interfaces, some were giving more work to employees, such as manual “log” of worked hours. At that moment an old tasks management project was removed from the “files” and in the spare time, was being transformed into a Team Management System.

Not only the projects and tasks should be controlled, but we needed a collaborative environment where team members knew what was being done, could give opinions, make decisions and optimize the work as a whole. The system, called began being used by the technology department, but soon other departments such as design, content, service and finance also asked to use it as a way to organize, prioritize and measure results.

In the end, the became an independent product and began to be tested by other companies in Brazil and the United States. Now, with total focus of its creator and a small dedicated team, the want to turn into an easy tool, yet powerful, with a focus on managers of any kind of business. Its ideal is not only monitor projects and tasks, is to empower employees through a corporate social network environment and bring a level of information to managers never seen before in other software. All this in a format of safe and low cost web service.

For companies that require special features and integration, a consulting team is available for custom implementations.

Despite being a post in April 2012, the already has nearly two years of intensive laboratory and development. Hopefully it will be useful for you as manager of teams and we want to evolve in the right way to win your loyalty.

For a free account of the, please, visit the website

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