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Task scheduler to make you a leader

Leadership is not a position but a role to be played. And it’s also an option. Everywhere there’s some virtues manual to be a good leader, but none can teach which choices making. Simplicity is the most difficult, therefore, simplify the rules you read to solve your strangest problems. Let’s learn more about transparency and gratitude. Now you’ll see how you can use your task scheduler to get the best out of these two foundations of leadership:

Process transparency

Be aware of how your team works. What does it mean? Check for difficulty in focusing, frequent delays and repeated mistakes. To that end, you need to be very strict with deliveries, but also very open to dialogue. Having an efficient task scheduler is not about mere free surveillance. The thing is that leaders have natural need to learn how their team behaves, while the team expects rewards for their effort. Process transparency means both explaining well what to do in the tasks of your employees and coming for what was asked – and not for what should have been asked. A good task scheduler also brings another advantage: it feeds the trust of your customers and investors in your businesses, since they can track the progress of their projects.


Reward talents

A leader interprets two things: reports and feelings within the team. More than knowing how to delegate authority and tasks, it’s necessary to assess the effects of these decisions. What we know as emotional intelligence means but knowing how to recognize the efforts of the group, how to be grateful for it and how to get ahead of dissatisfaction reactions. Show that in the world (not only in the business’ one) there’s much more dedication, less gift. After all, as we saw earlier in the post, leadership is choice and many will choose to work hard to develop their talent if they’re recognized for it. The final step of a great task control, after reviewing reports, is applying a regular rewards program. Try gamification! The ice bucket challenge is the proof that we love challenges. Give medals or awards to your employees, as their performances improve. This is how the team will see sense to improve every day.


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