Three steps that will improve your productivity

The last decades have originated a shift in the organizational structure of great enterprises. Technology of information not only represented an increase in productivity, but also defined an increasingly automation of the workflow. Because of that, mid-level managers have lost their space is some companies. They used to have real power within companies, being responsible for the control of important data.

After noticing that, the Professor of Stanford University, Behnam Tabrizi, created an article for Harvard Business Review, in which he emphasizes the importance of managers, and how they can still represent an increase of productivity in companies. In his research he discovered that the most successful companies are those that still rely on these professionals. But in order to be succesful, they must undergo through a change in the way they work that will follow three steps.

1) Alignment

The first step is to ensure that managers are aligned with the changes set by new ways of working.

2) Author

Companies should create cross-functinal teams of mid-level managers, and give them the authority to propose new initiatives, changes and innovation plans that will turn executives’ visions into concrete steps.

3) Action

Mid-level Managers should be responsible for the success of the initiatives they proposed. They should have a greater ability to break through obstacles and act to solve problems before they need to appeal to the company’s CEO.

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