Too many E-mails?! Tame your Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

If you receive so many emails in your inbox that you can barely work, you’re not alone. Here are three easy tips to maintain at least the ‘social’ part under control:

1) On Facebook. At the top right of your Facebook profile is a symbol of ‘gear’ that gives access its settings. Click on “Account Settings” and then in the left sidebar, under “Notifications” and in the list that will appear in the middle of the screen, click on “E-mail”. By default, Facebook selects “All.” Now simply select the “Only notifications about your account security and privacy.” This will radically reduce the emails you receive from Facebook.

2) On Twitter. Click the symbol of ‘gear’ at the top right of your profile. Then, click on ‘Settings’ and ‘Notifications by Email’. Now just choose exactly what you want to receive. Our recommendation is to leave just the option “When I get a Direct Message.” Unclicking everything else, Twitter will let your inbox e-mails in peace.

3) On Gmail. Click the symbol “gear” at the top right of your account. Then click “Settings” then “Filters” which will appear in a bar in the middle of the screen. Click “Create a new filter” and add the following words in the “Has the words” field : noreply, do-not-reply, donotreply, notification. Typically, e-mails sent by robots use these expressions, so if you click “Continue” and then “Skip the Inbox (archive)”, those messages will be archived without even going through your Inbox Entry.

Phew … at least part of the ‘Social’ you’ve managed to get rid of. But you can go much further: one of the main benefits of using to manage teams is that all messages exchanged about customers, projects and tasks occur within their respective timelines. That keeps the information where it is actually needed and under total control. And best, if you don’t want to receive own notifications, just click on Dashboard> Alert Center and close all options you want.

Some people have told us that just by using their inboxes flow dropped by about 60%. Too good to be true? Try it free. on


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