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Project management: The 5 best posts

A project doesn’t need to be hard to manage to be a success. With the technology available nowadays I dare to say that only two factors still are crucial to manage projects more easily. The first is how much the manager is willing to organize the project step by step and to understand the priority tasks. The second factor is the manager’s references, from the discussions he/she takes part to the techniques for leading projects he/she decides to use. So, if you’re willing (and you seem to be, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post), let’s get down to business. We have published a lot about project management with intelligence and transparency. Here’s the best of all:


1. Finally, the step by step of a successful project

From planning to the reports issuance, all the steps you must dominate – and your team needs to respect – before starting any project. Here you are going to understand why the great is the enemy of the good.

2. Why women are the best managers in the world

The female leadership model has been conquering the world and has become more than reference: it’s the preferred among the teams. Check out the four attributes of leadership that they have and that we all should develop to lead projects, whether simple or huge: 1) lead by example, 2) communicate with transparency 3) admit mistakes and 4) bring out the best in others.

3. What the manager of managers has to teach us

Peter Drucker, considered the father of the Modern Administration, indicates the five roles of the manager and leads us to rethink the organization and communication within the companies – if we want to succeed, of course.

4. Automating the project management is the great trend (+ Bonus)

Even if you and your team get the perfect planning, miscommunication can make a project collapse. Here’s how to avoid this problem (unfortunately) so common. Extra: meet Canvas, the platform that can help you assemble your business model.

5. Evolve and give a break to Excel to manage projects

How a single system for the whole company is able to store online all decisions, files and comments shared between the employees, besides issuing reports with time and costs allocated to each project.


If this post has encouraged you to build a new project management model, meet It was created by managers for managers, and our mission is to organize, streamline and turn everything more transparent and, therefore, more productive. Try it for free:


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