Use uma ferramenta de gestão e aumente sua produtividade

Use a task management tool to increase your productivity

Sometimes your work just keep growing and you can’t even solve the simplest problems? When this happens, it may affect other sectors of your company, resulting in a general productivity decrease. It may seem complicated to solve it, but the key might be the efficient use of a task management tool. A lot of times, this responsabilities accumulation is generated by a lack of organization and planning. Thanks to the routine pace, it is very common to simply distribute tasks, without stoping for a moment, to be analyse and elaborate a good planning.

Now, this is exactly when you need the a good task management tool. This is a simpler and more efficient way to control the work flow, and make people focus on things that really matter, and by that achieve the higher productivity, without having to hire more people.

Let’s have an example to illustrate this situation better. Imagine a company where the project team does the first part of the work, planning the products or services to be developed, and then takes it to the production team.

Imagine now that the number of clients starts to grow, what will also increase the demand. So the deadlines start to get harder and the product or service is not always delivered on time. Then, through a quick scan, you detect that the projects are finished on the right date, but the deadlines for final completion are not accomplished. What is the logical reaction? Hire more people.

But this logic is not as real as it seems. In contact with some companies, I’ve witnessed a case very similar to this. The project team hurried to fulfill their deadlines, and ended up sending projects with some errors. So, the production team had to return the projects, to be corrected and then began to work on them, already late. The first thing done, was a quick analyses, that didn’t showed that return, but only the date of the first delivery, and completion of the product.

To solve the problem, more staff was hired to the production team, but the result was exactly the same. In this case, the real problem was realized only when they began to use a task management tool. Through this, it could be noticed, in a clearly way, which was actually the difficulty, and solve the problem. is a task management tool that can help you a lot, no matter what kind of work your company does. The a system organizes and prioritizes tasks, making easier to control the workflow of your business, doing people focus on what really matters, and reach their real potential.

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