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Using a management software is one of the greatest desires of professionals in 2015

Do you remember when the only ways people used to communicate were: personally, phone or fax? If you recognize the importance of trends researches, you know they foresaw much of what we have today: Skype and Hangouts for meetings, file repositories in the cloud like iCloud and Google Drive, instant messaging apps between teams, like Slack, and advanced management software, such as Keeping in mind the interest of people and the market in following trends, the multinational PGi (Premiere Global Services) led a research with more than 1,200 professionals in the US about their desires and goals for 2015. Check it out:


The 5 greatest desires of professionals for 2015:

1. Tablet computers (23.7%)
2. Project management tools (15.1%)
3. Productivity apps (14.5%)
4. Analytics software (11.9%)
5. Team collaboration workspaces (11.1%)


The 5 main objectives of professionals for 2015:

1. Earn a raise or promotion (22.6%)
2. Establish a better work-life balance (18.2%)
3. Implement better technology (16.9%)
4. Become more organized (16.7%)
5. Pursue continuing education (12.1%)


Now, notice how there is a link between desires and goals. For example, it is understandable that professionals want tablets, once among their major goals in 2015, there are: adopting more advanced technologies, getting more organized and studying more – and a tablet represent it. Similarly, a better balance between personal life and work – I suppose you also want it – will be easier to get using a project management tool and productivity apps.

For the manager, a software metrics cannot lack because he/she hopes to prove his/her deeds and to be recognized. Finally, the desire to work in a place where team collaboration is a rule could not be out of the wish list this year. After all, you and I know it’s never been easy to reach a goal, but smart teamwork could simplify the journey.


What about you? Might you say what your greatest desire and main objective at work for this year is? Does it coincide with any of the list, or it is so unheard, that could even head a new trend? represents many of the professional wishes for 2015. We are the 1st task management software that enables much less emails and meetings and increases productivity that you did not think was possible – up to 25%! Try it for free:


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