What destroys your company’s productivity and you did not know

Have you started the year in a hurry, watching your team – and yourself – with a pile of urgent tasks to solve? I do not blame you. There are certain problems that, like a virus, undermine your company’s productivity and the manager does not even suspects, or, though suspects, does not see a way out. So, I will be brief and point out what problems are these and how you are able to solve them:

1. Email

Here the problem is double. On the one hand, the practicality of sending emails leads people to write broken messages, spoiling the briefing and causing rework. Not to mention when people copy others who are not responsible for the task. On the other hand, emails coming all the time make the team anxious, to check the mailbox every five minutes. The result: a McKinsey study calculates that professionals spend almost a third (28%) of their journey dealing with emails.
There’s a way out: To have a list of the tasks of the day or week, organized by priority, assigned to you. Imagine now to have the deadline and find all its content (briefing, comments and attachments) gathered in the task window. That’s what a management software allows.


2. No data repository

The managers can and should ask everyone to have a method and keep files and documents organized in folders, but what is the probability of everyone follows the advice? Over time, the team can get sloppy and drama of clients requesting a document that just disappeared restarts. Not to mention when an old file would help in a task now and you can no longer find it.
There’s a way out: To save decisions and the content the team shares in a secure and online repository, accessible anytime, from any device with internet, and using a search field to quickly find tasks, the company’s projects and employees. Again, the problem is solved by a management software.


3. Meetings

Maybe you did not expect this. Convening meetings to find out what your team is working on, or worse but not less common, micromanaging from table to table, should not be a manager’s need. Because of time wasted in meetings, employees get stressed, produce less and may end up having to meet overtime. A chain of disasters that leads to demotivation, disagreements and gossip – all that hurts the values of a company. Another point is that not everything that is said at meetings is noted and tends to be forgotten instead of a commitment.
There’s a way out: With a management tool the team shares only what really matters and formalizes commitments. With transparency and agility, you can comment inside the task, “Mr(s)., on the X day, Y time, you suggested such action. How are we with this?” Or,” You have been working for X hours on this task. Need help?” An interaction that is neither invasive nor cause delays. Rather, this avoids follow-up meetings and saves time, which helps the manager to focus on new strategies.


OK. But where do I find this management tool? In fact, right here. is a project and team management software that solves all your old problems with emails, no data repository, meetings and generates time and cost reports you need. It increases the staff productivity by about 25%. So, try it for free:


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