types of leadership

What types of leadership do you know?

I know two: good and bad leaders. The good one inspires, welcomes, excites, just as I wrote this post. The bad one simply doesn’t not know how to lead. You may think there are more types of leadership: open, closed, the speaker, the listener, the strong, the meek ​​… All these characteristics can be from a leader. What distinguishes a good from a bad one is how they use these qualities.

I was reading a discussion about why we have so many bad leaders, and the author wrote skills of leading must be learned and practiced. There are no naturally talented individuals who are effective leaders.

The discussion goes beyond, what I think very interesting. He thinks changes in technology are so rapid that it is necessary to continually and systematically learn in order to be good and effective leadership. And, in the vast majority of leaders, there is resistance to learn. This, in his opinion, is generating a problem that we have bad leaders. This make us remember about the bad ones who we have met along our lives. They deny learning simple tools that would make their lives easier – and from their team too.

One of the answers for the question about so many bad leaders, is the goods may not necessarily want to showcase themselves, they are invisible and often “hunted down” when they cause too much strain on the incompetents at senior level. The leadership journey involves good values, ethics, embracing change, being compassionate, and knowing when to say no.

In my point of view, these skills must exist in leaders from all sectors: politics, religion, work, neighborhood, and even among friends. And should be trained, always. Skills take time and effort to develop and require an active approach.

I finish this texts with two questions from the discussion:

1. How much of your corporate budget is set aside for Leadership (NOT Management) Training? People are not born as leaders, they are developed.

2. How much of that Leadership Training budget is directed at skills development?

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