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Online collaboration tools: use them to manage your tasks

You use the internet to do virtually all at work. So, why can’t you work online? Actually, you can. There are nowadays many online collaboration tools to store and organize all your tasks online. That is, one single system through all the company’s work flows. You can order priorities, enter the deadline and set permission to delegate and receive tasks. For employees, the system will show the estimated delivery date for each task and, for managers, the progress and success of projects, with reports. Check out the advantages of the online collaboration, which behaves both like a repository of data and files and a meeting room:

To set the fair price

By keeping the tasks in online collaboration tools, or rather, in a repository in the cloud accessed with login and password, your business wins in three ways: 1) security, 2) convenience and 3) consistency. Even if you’re not at the office, from any computer or mobile advice connected to internet you can access it to work or to check new decisions, agreements, new tasks, some meeting or read a new report. Each comment and file shared will be saved there. Guiding a project with a software is absorbing all the information it provides. Just think, with digital reports you can find out how long and how much money was spent on each stage, and if everything goes as planned. That’s how you’ll be able to price your product or service in a fairest way, knowing how much it indeed costs.


To monitore your team

The chance of finding more satisfactory results after adopting an online collaboration tool to manage your tasks is really great. After all, imagine what your team can do if they can be connected both to other employees, contributing for their tasks, and to you, who will open tasks with the briefing and deadline organized without using emails or meetings for that. You will be able to save time on day-to-day tasks to invest more in strategies, in interpreting reports, advising your team and recognizing the talents in the company. Everyone wins with your transparency, taking part in a contemporary business model, founded on dialogue and sharing of new knowledge.


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