Win your share of the market, by knowing yourself

Competition is greater than ever, so the days of cajoling and persuading the costummers are gone. Nowadays, the key to success lies in knowing yourself and your organization. According to an article, published on Small Business Trends, the process of self-awareness goes through this four steps.

1) Emotional awareness:

Understand how you feel and how those feelings are translated into actions. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be transmitted. An emotional preparation is necessary before taking action, to avoid errors.

2) Self-Assessment:

In order to achieve success in the first step, you need to have a good evaluation of yourself. It is important to really know your strengths and weaknesses, to know the way to do things in every situation.

3) Self-confidence:

When you know your capabilities, it becomes easier to realize how much you worth, and that will give a boost on your confidence.

4) Self-talk:

It may be an unusual tactic, but talking to yourself might be a great way to reaffirm confidence not only in your abilities, but also in the product or service you represent. is a tool to help people to achieve their true potential, organizing and prioritizing tasks within a team, ensuring that each of its contributors will work on what really matters to the organization.

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