10 innovative business ideas that will change the world

Technological advances and changes in consumer behavior, driven by broad dissemination of trends and behaviors in varied platforms based on cloud, continue to turn the tide of entrepreneurship. Below are 10 technological business ideas listed by the World Economic Forum that promise to change the world. Get inspired to create their own innovative business:

1. Cars powered by hydrogen

Hydrogen cars have many advantages over current models, run on gasoline, ethanol, diesel or electricity. Fuel cells generate electricity using hydrogen or natural gas and the energy is stored in batteries, allowing greater autonomy. Moreover, the refill compressed hydrogen gas cell takes about three minutes. Finally, the use of this fuel element and generates no carbon monoxide but water vapor, which helps to reduce pollution. But unfortunately there are still two obstacles: producing cheap hydrogen on a large scale and distribute it to the population.

2. Robotics

A technology also present long in the collective imagination and has undergone advances that are allowing finally is no longer confined to factories. Robots are more connected, benefiting from cloud computing to access and process information remotely, rather than having to be fully programmed to perform a task independently.

3. Plastic ‘thermoset’ recyclable

Although no recycling process is 100% efficient, this innovation – if employed on a large scale – can lead to a large reduction in waste disposal. It is expected that this new type of plastic “termoset” replace the old in five years and become ubiquitous in manufactured goods by 2025.

4. Genetic engineering agriculture

They confer on plants an increased resistance to pests and insects, reducing the need for pesticide use, and increase sustainability of crops by reducing the need of water and fertilizer.

5. 3D Printing

With the price of 3D printers falling and a large number of patents expiring this year, a growing number of these devices begin to enter the market. This provides retailers with the exciting prospect of producing customized products on demand at the store. On the other hand, there is also concern that these printers are used to produce counterfeit products. To overcome this, retailers must work closely with manufacturers to ensure that these opportunities will be explored at the same time that intellectual property is protected.

6. Artificial Intelligence

As well as new robots, artificial intelligence will lead to a significant increase in productivity and business ideas. Machines with fast access to a huge source of data may respond to situations without making mistakes based on emotions, as in the case of diagnosis of diseases.

7. Smart Drones

The market for civilian use of drones is taking off. For retail businesses, they have enormous potential to make deliveries faster and more cheaply. In film and in agriculture, we are already indispensable. For this reason it is expected that the drone market can reach U $$ 400 million by 2020.

8. Neuromorphic technology

Even today, the most advanced computers can not overcome the sophistication of the human brain. But since scientists working to create “neumórficos chips”, which simulate the brain architecture increase exponentially and the ability of a computer to process information and react.

9. Digital genome

This ability to unlock our individual genetic promises to lead to a revolution, as more personalized and effective health services. That’s because many of the ills we face stem from a genetic component. With the DNA scan, a doctor could, for example, according to treat a genetic composition tumor cancer.

10. Decentralized manufacturing

Instead of gathering all the necessary materials to make a product in a unique – and huge – location and then distribute it to the public, decentralized manufacturing distributes the manufacture of different parts of the product for several sites. And the final product is eventually mounted too close to where the consumer is, thereby, visibility for several business ideas are created with this same concept.

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