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12 innovative business ideas you wish you could call yours

Did you know that Netflix was founded in 1997, 17 years ago? For many, however, it just started now. Innovative business ideas may really take a while, but when they reach success and media, they become example for new talents and new ideas. By paying a small monthly fee to access unlimited content (in the same way as Netflix), two others services emerged: in 2008, Spotify, a music streaming platform with mobile app and website, and in 2013, Oyster, a library with over 500,000 books. It’s indeed amazing! So, we selected 12 more innovative business to instigate your new business. Click on the company’s name to read more:


With NASA, SMRC researches taking to the space a 3D printing system that prints food.

2. Planet Able

Manufactures a device that amplifies sound in noisy environment. The innovation is precisely in the device’s size: a dime.

3. SnuggWugg

Created an interactive pillow to distract babies and assist parents at the time of diapering.

4. Bullet Designs

Discovered a way to recycle bullet cartridges and turn them into jewelry and accessories – for men and women.

5. AquaStorage

Created AquaPodKit, which allows storage of over 65 gallons of drinking water with the aid of a bathtub, for emergencies such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

6. VisionQuest 20/20

Developed a product called EyeSpy 20/20, a computer program that evaluates the impaired vision of children while they play a game.

7. Braskem

Instead of petroleum, this Brazilian petrochemical industry is using sugarcane to product plastic. In 2013, developed a line of renewable low-density plastic for shopping bags.

8. BCMF Architects

Designed the first soccer stadium completely solar powered, the “Mineirão”. The company added a new roof with solar panels and now the stadium also reuses rainwater.

9. Monte Alto Renovable

Helps hotels and communities of Chilean Patagonia to use biomass energy, by managing initial expenses on renewable energy, financing equipment purchases, installation and maintenance in exchange for long-term fuel supply.

10. Tátil Design

Developed the packaging of the product line “Sou” by Natura. The new design, with 70% less plastic, is flexible and allows the product to be extracted to the last drop.

11. AIC

Seeks solutions to problems on a global scale using a combination of advanced science and mathematics with industry. One of its products is the largest Plasma, a system that involves radiation, ionization and high temperatures and eliminates micro-organisms from polluted waters.

12. Pay with a tweet

Imagine you have posted a picture. To have the right to download it, your audience should just click on the “Pay with a tweet” button. This will generate a tweet saying that the user “paid” the photo with this system. It’s an easy and broad disclosure for you.


Amid so innovative business ideas, we, from, work to become one of them. Our purpose is increasing the productivity of companies – whose fall means a nightmare for entrepreneurs and managers. Now inspired by so many ideas that aim to make our lives easier, try using one of them. Experience for free:


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