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4 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Your employees handle everything in your business, no matter how big or small, and when they are happy they are more productive and efficient. Everything that you do to boost employee morale is another step toward that increased productivity and efficiency. Even small changes in routine or recognizing employees regularly can do wonders to boost employee morale.

1. Reward the best with the best

Your best employees can be easy to overlook. They do their job flawlessly every day and, since they often don’t need direction, they are left to alone to work. Let them know that they matter and are appreciated by giving them the best shifts, the coveted cubicle, or a leadership role. The positive recognition will encourage other employees to follow suit.

2. Recognize the achievements of new employees

When a new hire finishes training, learns a new skill for the job, or does well in their first week, let them know that you notice! Use certificates, badges, stickers, or small door prizes to celebrate achievements on the job. This will encourage employees to reach for the next level.

3. Use holidays to boost employee morale

Hold holiday parties for employees and encourage them to socialize and get to know each other. These people have to work together for a large part of their day, usually five days a week. If they find things in common with each other and become well acquainted, they can work together even better.

4. Encourage friendly competition

Small contests within the workplace encourage employees to not only do better, but also to work toward a prize that excites them. They will push each other and inspire each other. Use the calendar function within inter-office software to post daily standings and reminders about who is in the lead to beat. Make it fun with colorful clipart and witty language in the daily reminders.

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