7 fascinating studies for employee motivation

Can you tell exactly what motivates you at work? It is the salary at the end of the month? Recognition? The pleasure of performing challenging projects? Behavioral economist Dan Ariely presented a TED on the subject: “What makes us feel good about our work?” (In the presentation, the economist cites we have an incredibly simplistic view of why people work and how they see the market work. But these issues go through much deeper discussions.

Dan Ariely says, looking closely at the way people work, they discover that there is much more at stake than money. The expert also provides evidence that we are driven by the significance of our work and the recognition of others. But the reality is that one should add other feelings to him, meaning, creating, challenges, ownership, identity, pride etc.

In this talk he uses several studies conducted by him and other professionals to list 7 things that might motivate you at work and you do not even know it. Check out:

1. The less we think our work is valued, the more money we want to do it

Ignore someone’s work is almost as bad as destroying their efforts in front of others. The good news is that motivate not seem to be so difficult; the bad news is that totally eliminate the motivation is incredibly easy.

2. Software to enable companies to do things more productively

Management tools for companies are reinventing the way we used to work and what we mean by sharing, dialogue with transparency and security. A task management software like Runrun.it, makes them more agile processes. Check out how it works and can help you.

3. The more difficult a project, the more we proud of it

The evaluation of our own work is directly linked to the efforts we have made. In addition, we mistakenly think other people will evaluate it the same way as us, when in fact not.

4. Know that our work helps others can increase our unconscious motivation

Knowing that our work encourages other employees makes us more productive in our own tasks, even if unconsciously. Therefore, communication between your teammates is critical to an overall staff productivity.

 5. The promise of helping others makes us more likely to follow the rules

Help others through what is called “prosocial behavior” motivates us. This is because, following the good example, we have more incentive to perform our own tasks.

 6. Be positive about our skills can increase our performance

We were much more motivated and we perform better when we are challenged than when we only trust in our abilities. Thus challenging situations can get the better of us even when we doubt it.

7. Images that trigger positive emotions can make us more focused

The researchers indicate that positive emotion triggered what we call the “cuteness” helps us to narrow our focus, increasing our performance on a task that requires a lot of attention.

So, he identified with a lesson drawn from the study? Remember that a modern working methods and makes relations more transparent in work can help to be 25% more productive! Try Runrun.it, a task management software that shows real-time task in which every employee is working, and end the bureaucratic tasks of day-to-day, such as sending emails or filling out spreadsheets Excel. Free Trial: http://runrun.it

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