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While many people panic when faced with their professional goals, others use them as a motivator in the workplace. Goals are easier to achieve when there’s an activity manager and cooperation – a network of knowledge. However, when there are simultaneous projects, the effort becomes much more complex. And if the manager’s attention is divided, transparency in relationships may start to crumble, and his/her absence from the team is upcoming. The productivity, as a result of the pleasure at work, shrinks. To avoid this negative picture, it’s crucial that you be as transparent with your team as interested in what they are doing. The communication tips below will help you convince everyone to get the company’s goals as their own dreams:


1. Disclose the goals

Sometimes the manager him/herself goes away from the mission, vision and values of the company. Hence, he/she states ill-defined goals and the team doesn’t know why – either how – to work so much with so little information. To guide your employees towards the goals, you should come clean and say where you are going. That’s the big difference between knowing the way and treading the way. Treading is only possible after everyone stops to simply obey and wants to reach the goal as soon as possible. For this purpose, they think new strategies together, and help them with deadlines. Because the ideal now is general. For all that, the first step that leads to reward at work is to know the essence of the business, and then disclosing it.


2. Explain the briefing

Does it seem impossible to you not to delay the ongoing projects or leave customers dissatisfied without burdening your team? Almost impossible? That’s why the second step of the activity manager is receiving and passing the complete briefing of each task. And you don’t depend on several e-mails, much less a meeting just for that. Check if your briefing brings the necessary, e.g.:

A. The market’s history;
B. The problem;
C. The goal;
D. The public of interest;
E. The tone;
F. The deadline and costs;
G. Attachments and supporting references.
Right? Just be careful not to use only e-mails to communicate. The live talking makes things easier.


3. Talk to your team

The third step for transparency with an activity manager is about how you are seen by your employees. It’s not only through data you have access to the performance of your company. There’s a whole team behind it, who expect their leader is a guide, not a landscape. Many managers appeal to fear, the easiest way to be respected – just forget that it’s also the quickest way to be forgotten. Here are some tips for you to talk to your team and be respected:

A. Invite them for a talking once a month (or each two months), to explain where the company is and where it wants to go;
B. Leave the door open for your employees to suggest changes in the environment and company policies;
C. Spread the company news, events and even the birthday calendar by e-mail or on a wall, before the routine spoil these important celebrations and small day-to-day;
D. Talk to everyone to make sure that they know what difference their work makes. Without it, there’s nothing transparency can solve.



To improve your activity manager, you can use tools that help you automate certain daily activities. That way, you can prioritize open communication with your team. is the software to manage projects, by using a pile of tasks. With it, everyone knows what to do on first and the manager knows when tasks will be delivered, eliminating emails and meetings. Try it for free:


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