Inspiring quotes | Oscar Wilde

Inspiring quotes | Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was hum Irish writer , author of ” The Picture of Dorian Gray ” , a work of His only novel , Considered one of the major in English literature . He wrote novels, poetry , short stories and dramas . Children Master was ironic and sarcastic phrases create . Oscar Wilde grew up surrounded by intellectuals , he moved to London still young , where he had a busy life , Watered to beverage pleasures , writing poems and texts for theater. He created the aesthetic movement called ” Dandyism ” based on the idea of ​​a life that should be guided by artistic concerns In order to face the modern world problems . It aimed to transform the traditionalism of the “Age Victorian ” Taking hum tone At the forefront Arts . Oscar Wilde wrote very for theater, has come to have  at the same time, tres parts in english theatres.

“We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars”

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