How to engage your colleagues on

The 30-day trial on is the best period to understand how the software works and its benefits. According to 80% of our clients, increases their team productivity. And how does it happen? By encouraging everyone to use it! Below we give you a few tips to engage your colleagues:

Add new users

Click on the arrow of the red button and select”New user”.

New_User (1)

Mention your colleagues on the tasks

Just like on social media: type [ at ] and the name (@name) in the comment. Read more here.

Involve others on the tasks

Everybody will realize that the workflow will be more organized and registered.

Talk about

Nothing is more powerful and exciting than someone talking about what they love!

Make a report-tour

Login on and show them all the reports, explaining their benfits (read more here and here).


Nice! These tips will help you to bring all your team to But if you have more needs, send an email to or access our Help Center.

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