how to motivate employees

How to motivate employees?

Sometimes things go wrong, and you don’t know how to motivate employees of your company. We know. If you are a sensible leader will identify where you are weak (or where the organization is). It includes the work environment, recognition and rewarding, and a transparent relationship. If you want to be a successful professional, you need to learn how to motivate employees with these follow 9 tips.

1. Keep the work environment airy and lighting

Do you want your employees to feel like they are crammed in like sardines? Make sure the temperature in the office isn’t too hot or too cold. Create a pleasant ambience through lighting. And buy ergonomic furniture.

2. Notify

The good and bad informations should be notified inside the organization. Is there a new advertisement campaign? Show your employees before release it. Your company won a prize? Publish it. Some people are talking about a crisis? Tell your employees before press, they have this right.

3. Use food as incentive

Keep a kitchen stocked with tea and coffee, and healthy snack options, so your employees spend more time hanging around the office instead of stepping out for coffee on their break.

4. Talk individually

People like to be recognized on an individual basis. Invite your employees to talk in your room, send a congratulation email, or make a public compliment.

5. Talk to your team

Let your team know that they are doing solid work as a unit, and show that you appreciate their efforts at all times. Give them a real feedback and keep the company values clear.

6. Reward your employees for hard work

Setting up a system of rewards is an excellent way to motivate your employees. The prize can be money, scholarships, one or two days off…

7. Be friendly

Develop a stronger relationship with your employees. Learn something about your employees’ personal lives. Remember that your employees are real people with real families and real struggles. Just take care: your conversations and contact should be friendly and open, but not too personal.

8. Support fresh ideas

Keep our doors open to new ideas. When employees come to you with an idea or a solution to a problem, it’s a sign that they care. Supporting new ideas is motivating – and encourages creativity.

9. What excites you?

Pay attention in what motivates your employees. Some hobbie, sport, or experience? Don’t crate new policy they consider boring. Listen to your team and identify what excites them – so innovate onstrategies.

We, from, believe that high-impact managers should invest their energy in activities that create true value to their teams and organizations. Try to do a more efficient and transparent job:



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