Know and overcome the 16 fatal flaws of business leaders

A recent study published in Harvard Business Review revealed two valuable issues: (1) the fatal flaws for senior leaders career development, (2) that it is possible to overcome these shortcomings and quickly achieve a performance leap if you engage in doing so. Learn about the most common fatal flaws in senior leaders:

1) Develops others

2) Collaboration and teamwork

3) Inspires and motivates others

4) Builds relationships

5) Practices self-development

6) Innovates

7) Communicates powerfully and prolifically

8 ) Technical/professional expertise

9) Champions changes

10) Connects the group to the outside world

11) Displays high integrity and honesty

12) Solves problems and analyzes issues

13) Drives for results

14) Develops strategic perspective

15) Takes initiative

16) Establishes stretch goals

We found it very interesting – and highly motivating, that directly

addresses the top 4 major flaws listed. Get to know it better at

Link for the original publication: harvard_leadership_flaws_study


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