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Management reports: 5 reasons to automate them

Have you ever imagined a world without Excel? How could people make management reports before the program? Technology not only gave us software, but also complex tools to automate the management reports – giving to you more time to think strategically. What you discover in these documents can be inviting for investors and quite valuable to maintain lasting relationships between customers and employees. So, it’s not viable at all facing numbers and spreadsheets as taboo. Now, understand how the automated management reports work in your favor:

1. Integrity

A report from Experian, “The advantage of the data: as precision creates opportunities”, revealed that the two main causes of data quality problems are human error and multiple points of data entry. With an unique system of management reports, data will always come from an original source and can be traced back to who entered it and when.


2. Unity

Using an automated system to gather data provides a single version of the truth. It saves time for employees, by eliminating duplicate data entry and it simplifies report-building tasks. It improves transparency of the risks facing an organization, because anyone who needs to, can, at any time, view and update the organization’s entire risk and insurance intelligence. In addition, it speeds up the ability to make data-driven decisions about how to manage and minimize risks.


3. Simplicity

With automated management reports, you can tailor different currencies and language. Not to mention that with a simple click reports are generated and can even be configured to be automatically disclosed. The data may also be filtered by various criteria (e.g., per customer, cost or time spent). More time can be spent analyzing the information, spotting trends and making decisions about apportioning resources.


4. Efficiency

Who needs to enter data in the online system, at any time, is authorized. Thus, it is not necessary collection of data throughout the organization, and all changes can be made and reported by the system.


5. Reports

See how our reports work in practice. By fostering the system in your company, you’ll have at your disposal strategic data on a variety of reports, such as “Status report”, “Team”, “Clients”, “Costs”, “Efforts per client” and “Efforts per task type”. Want to know more? Try it for free:


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