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Management software: why you will use one in 2015

One of the smartest and economic decisions that companies can take in 2015 is to adopt a management software to increase their productivity. Companies around the world begin to accept that it’s not with more hours, but with more focus at work that the goals are achieved. For this, the most efficient solution is to bring together employees, demands and projects within a single online system. This is what a management software does. And this is what the best organizations will look for in 2015. Check out six reasons you will do the same:


1. We cannot waste time

A year is the line between what an organization is and what it needs to be. Most of the goals is set within one year. But with a management software, you can follow the progress month by month, day by day. From the number of hours allocated to each customer’s project, to the availability and tasks queue of your employees. You can even compare budgeted hours with worked hours and also know when the project will be delivered, according to the system estimate. With artificial intelligence, you create collective intelligence, save time while work and do not allow deliveries delay.


2. We need to communicate better

According to the renowned research company McKinsey, social technology increases by about 25% the worker productivity. And that is why the collaboration on the cloud tends to grow further in 2015. Companies are imitating the best part of social networks: to share files and dialogue between. Managers understand they need a management software – if they need to grow, of course.


3. We need to automate bureaucratic work

In 2015, you will use a management not to have more to go from desk to desk or to convene follow-up meetings to find out when the projects will be delivered. And your employees will no longer need to fill – randomly – a timesheet. Also, no one will waste time looking for files in several folders and emails. And you can breathe easily without gathering data from multiple sources to build (huge) reports. The software stores all in its database and, with a few clicks, generates the reports you need.


4. Our customers expect for results

A recent Gartner study brings the 10 trends in strategic technology for 2015. One of them is the increased need for detailed performance analytics, from the operation of an app to an entire organization. Proof of this is that managers need increasingly accurate reports, both to evaluate his/her team and to reach the transparency their customers demand. A cutting-edge management software offers cost and time control reports, Gantt diagrams, per employee, project and client.


5. We want to keep decisions safe

We may not know what tomorrow will bring, but we can prepare for it. In the case of an employee leaves the company, a new one arrives, or whenever the manager wants to review any information, the management software will be his/her right arm. Comments and every task files are saved in the system and can be accessed online at any time. This is for decisions to be based on facts, not on guesswork. More than ever, 2015 will require the companies a special care for security of information.


6. No one wants to be left behind

According to McKinsey, 7 out of 10 companies use some kind of technology for social interaction. The real challenge for companies, therefore, is not to implement an innovative technology for communication, like a management software, but to use it to strengthen the culture of dialogue. A company of our time we values the full involvement of employees and guides them to not be afraid to share their thoughts and to trust their contributions will be respected. Create these conditions is the real challenge. If you like this idea and just noticed that you cannot get back, know the team and project management software, Try if for free:


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