We present the new Projects window and the brand new Clients window!

Today we have two important news for our users! We have redesigned the Projects window. Now, the navigation is more agile, as well as the understanding of the data presented on the screen. In addition, we have created a Clients screen, where you can get an overview of your clients and manage them. Below, you can see the details of these changes, with images:

New Projects Window: a table view

Now, you see all the main information on the projects in a table format. This solution was chosen by our Design and TI team because it provides a faster overview of the projects of your team or company. We save your time and show what you need to know in order to make your decisions.

What has changed?

You can see below the new Projects window. We explain each one of the changes:

1. Select which projects you want to see

  • All projects;
  • Opened projects
  • Closed projects.

When you choose to see all the opened projects, they will be visible with white background, while the closed ones have dark background, with the warning: “Closed”.

2. Find projects quickly

Using the smart Filter, as you type the project name, Runrun.it searchs for it in real time.

3. Define which the columns stay visible

Don’t you need all the columns? Click on the columns icon and select which ones you want to view:

  • Client;
  • Created at;
  • Schedule, and
  • Budget.

More columns will be available soon.

4. Order the list of projects

By clicking on the name of any of the columns, you can reorder the list of projects.

For example, clicking on the column of “Name,” you change the alphabetical order from A-Z to Z-A. To return to the previous order, click again.

Clicking on the column “Created at”, you choose whether you want to see the projects created recently or the older ones.

5. Manage your projects seus projetos

Clicking on the gear at the end of the Project line, you have the following options:

  • Delete project;
  • Add costs, and
  • Close project.

If the project is closed, you can reopen it.

And the screen remains exactly as you left

If you want to find your Project window in the same way next time, for example, viewing only open projects, in order of creation date, then so be it. You make the choice once and Runrun.it remember to keep it in your way when you come back.

The brand new Clients window

We have created a unique screen for you to view and manage your clients. It is like this:

1. Select which clients you want to see

  • All clients;
  • Active clients, or
  • Inactive clients.

When selecting to view all clients, the active clients are visible with white background, while the inactive ones have dark background, with the warning: “Inactive”.

2. Find clients quickly

As well as with projects, by using the smart filter, as you enter the client name, Runrun.it searchs for it in real time.

3. Order your list of clients

For now, the only order available is “Name”. Very soon, new columns will be available, to make it even better your navigation and your understanding of the information.

4. Manage your clients

Clicking the gear icon, you can:

  • Edit (as in Admin > Clients);
  • Delete, and
  • Deactivate.


How does it sound?

Make a comment and let us know your opinion on the new Projects windows and the brand new Clients window.


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