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The Importance of Implementing Online Collaboration Software

The typical, modern workplace attempts to create a collaborative environment for the individuals that work there. In fact, a study from Stanford has found that employees’ performance can significantly improve if there is a “perception of working collectively,” according to an article from Forbes. As such, it is incredibly useful for managers to use online collaboration software in order to create a more collaborative and social environment.

There are a variety of reasons why using online collaboration software is vital for your company to succeed. Below we outline why it is important to use collaborative software for project management at your place of business.

Why Implementing Online Collaboration Software will Help Your Project Management

Online collaboration software is important to implement at your company in order to create a more collaborative environment. For example, the Stanford study had found that individuals who worked collaboratively reported higher levels of engagement, greater success, and lower levels of fatigue when compared to workers who did not complete assignments in a more collective fashion.

Another study done at the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) and Babson College found that organizations that promote joint work environments were five times more likely to be high performing companies. Clearly, incorporating collaborative software will help ensure the project management taking place at your company leads to better performance and higher success rates. Your employees will also be less tired, less stressed, and more engaged.

In addition, online collaboration software could help managers observe the teams and individuals who are meeting and exceeding expectations. Seeing the results and statistics behind how well teams are performing should make it easier for employers and managers to reward employees with raises and bonuses.

“The lack of incentives and rewards is the most common and powerful barrier to effective collaboration. Yet, most talent management systems are designed to reward individual achievement, not team accomplishments,” Kevin Martin, Chief Research Officer, i4cp, mentioned. “Finding ways to recognize and reward individuals, leaders, and teams who engage in productive collaborative behaviors can pay off in a big way.”

Using the right software products could go a long way in helping managers establish who is succeeding at their company and bringing the best results. This can show supervisors who deserves incentives and rewards to stimulate further collaboration and general success. In terms of project management, a strong reward system should lead to better results overall.

Now that we understand the importance of using collaborative software, it is essential to discuss many of the benefits that your company will see after implementing an online collaboration software product.

The Benefits of Adopting Collaborative Software Products

There are a variety of benefits that managers will experience with the use of online collaboration software. A number of these advantages include:

  • Stronger workflow management
  • Better prioritization and task management
  • Improving time tracking for assignments
  • Tracking project management data
  • Better communication between team members
  • Aligning projects more effectively
  • Improving automation of daily assignments
  • Creating a scheduled work environment
  • Discouraging multi-tasking

With the use of collaborative software, your company will benefit from enhanced workflow management. This includes greater automation, documentation, and communication capabilities, which will reduce human error, save time, and boost productivity.

Adopting the right technologies could go a long way in better managing work processes and workflow. Essentially, your team will see better documentation and task delegation when using collaborative software.

In addition, you will benefit from better task management processes and prioritization if you adopt online collaboration software at your company. When seeking the best results from your employees, you will need to motivate them to complete their tasks to the best of their ability.

With strong collaboration taking place within your team, you will be able to motivate your workers, which will simplify task management processes and help you better prioritization assignments. In order to ensure tasks are getting done, your team is motivated, and productivity is at high levels, you will need to:

  • Track the time spent working on tasks
  • Assign breaks into a schedule
  • Create a more collaborative work environment
  • Talk to your employees about self-care


You’ll be able to easily track the time your employees are spending on assignments with the help of collaborative software that includes automated time tracking tools. Improving time tracking for tasks will help boost productivity and keep your team motivated.

With the right collaborative software and project management tools, you’ll more easily be able to track the amount of hours it takes to complete an assignment and view all of the metrics behind a finished project. Being able to track project management data will help you see which individuals deserve rewards and incentives for a job well done and which team members need extra help to improve their productivity.

These metrics and project management data will help you see how many revisions an assignment has underwent and how long projects take. Such data will help you define how much your team can handle and figure out the skills of each individual employee.

In addition, another great benefit of online collaboration software is its communication capabilities. You will see your team’s communication abilities greatly improve with the right software products. For instance, project management software provides you with the ability to exchange comments underneath assignments and send files back and forth between team members to ensure everyone is on the same page.

You will see that projects are aligned more effectively across teams and colleagues are collaborating more with the use of project management tools. Daily assignments will also be more automated when you use collaboration technology. Task delegation will be faster and simpler while the amount of time team members work on assignments will be automatically tracked.

Best of all, this type of technology can help you create a more scheduled work environment where employees’ efforts on their daily assignments will be automatically tracked and breaks will be scheduled into the work day. A more scheduled environment with a prioritized to-do list will make it easier for everyone to complete their assignments on time.

Lastly, having the right collaboration tools will help your team members avoid multitasking since such technology gives priority to certain assignments and provides a system to schedule specific tasks throughout the day.

After discussing the benefits of these tools, you will need to keep in mind what to consider when choosing an online collaboration software product.

What Should You Consider When Buying an Online Collaboration Software Tool?

One of the most important aspects of a collaborative software tool is its ability to help workers communicate better. Written communication capabilities are a vital consideration when buying an online collaborative tool. According to the Harvard Business Review, there are hidden opportunities in written communications.

Specific team members, especially those who are introverted and less likely to be talkative in a group meeting, are likely to be less inhibited in online versus offline communications. As such, this can provide a more effective way to share power and decision-making among team members.

However, it is important to consider “meta-communication and virtual leakage” that can occur in the midst of online environments. It is still important to read between the lines when communicating digitally.

Essentially, it is crucial for project management software to allow your team to collaborate on projects either on-site or remotely, which will provide a clear system for each team member to provide input for every project. Additionally, it is beneficial for collaborative software to be customizable and have scalability as well as time sheets to monitor tasks. The best software should be easily configured to fit your company’s needs and be scalable as your organization grows in size over time.

The right software will be easy to use and protect your data. The security of your data is vital for your company to function effectively for years to come. Your new software product should also include a professional interface with the ability to integrate well with other platforms such as older accounting and reporting systems.

Now that you know what to consider when choosing a collaborative software product, it is time to see why project management software is the right choice for you.

Why Collaborative Software is Right for Your Company

You will find that project management software is the right choice for your organization because it has many of the qualities we have covered. This type of software will help you centralize and improve communication between your team members.

Essentially, users have access to upload and return files between each other and leave comments underneath each assignment describing any issues or details behind each project. In addition, project management software allows you to record information and organize workflow in a more collaborative way.

You as the manager will be able to quickly delegate tasks based on each individual’s skills and track the time it takes to complete an assignment, which will help you better organize workflow. If you’d like to check out the benefits of project management software, click here for a free trial.


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