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Professional development: How to impress your boss in 6 steps

There are two ways for you to impress your boss: by mastering your work and by delivering results that exceed expectations. A smart way you can do it is searching for innovations and suggesting ideas that improve the product/service or some internal process of your company. The problem is that few people know they have the power to impress or, more importantly, influence their bosses. However, your career can take off and you can meet your expectations of professional development. See which steps to take for this to happen:

1. Take the initiative

Don’t believe all your dedication runs out at doing your job. You can be recognized for seeking new challenges. When you see a new project, try to take part in it. When you see something that needs to be done, do it yourself. The higher you go in your company, the more responsible for it you become, and that means taking risks. But fortune favors the bold, so, as long as you’re handling all of your current duties well, overstep your boundaries a little bit and start a new task that’s valuable to the company. And let your boss know what you’re working on. He/she may have other priority for you, but he/she won’t forget your vision.

2. Connect with what he/she believes

As well as you shouldn’t agree with everything your boss believes, says or does, you shouldn’t impose your beliefs. The motivation expert Chris Deaver says that researches show how creating connections to others’ beliefs is key to becoming indispensable at work. Therefore, he recommends that you find a point of contact between you, which makes it clear why you share his/her vision. Chris tells that a friend of him created that emotional connection with his boss and, rather than just complain about his requirements, inspired him to become a better leader. He was rapidly promoted.

3. Look together for the solution

Do not count on your boss to give you all the answers. The basic to accomplish a task you should have, but the ways to impress are up to you. Break free from that boredom of doing things as if they have always been done and ask: “Why to do this way?” Besides that, more than questioners, innovators work in team, helping their colleagues and giving credit. By searching for a solution together, you challenge the thinking of each other and can come up with something never done before. That’s what professional development means.

4. Have informed opinions

Having an opinion is the most common thing, but having an informed opinion is rare. If you take the time to develop a viewpoint, you should also share it when it’s appropriate. A great way to share your opinion with your boss is when you’re having a one-on-one discussion, and you simply say: “I disagree.” Politely, present the information you have and if it’s about the business, say how your company could act on it. Sharing your (informed) opinion shows your boss you’re not just a flatterer or someone with no critical thinking. As a bonus, once your boss knows you don’t automatically agree with whatever he/she says, the times you do agree will carry more weight.

5. Come prepared

One of the great tricks to impress and influence your boss is to be prepared with all necessary information for each meeting or new stage of a project. You may need to start working on Sunday night, but in return, you will begin your Monday with more confidence. Not to mention that to have professional development and win a promotion, you need to prove that you can handle more responsibilities. If you don’t surprise now, how to expect a reward? It makes sense, doesn’t it?

6. Don’t run from feedback

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is famous for inspiring who works with him to pursue their goals more difficult. He advises “You want to be extra rigorous about making the best possible thing you can. Find everything that’s wrong with it and fix it. Seek negative feedback, particularly from friends.” Remember that your successes are in the past and there will always be new challenges for you to prove again your ability. The moment of feedback is just the chance you have to describe your professional development for your boss, demonstrate your ethical and emotional intelligence and prove why you deserve a career path.

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