Project planning software

Project planning software: why you should trust on it

How to guide simultaneous projects keeping the transparency? For a long time, this was the dilemma of our customers, when they did not know yet how a project planning software makes life easier. The market has started to demand for increasingly well informed and multidisciplinary teams and also for proja level of agility never before demanded. After all – the market questioned – if the technology is everywhere, how your style of work remains slow and analog? To understand that you can rely on innovation, I gather three basic needs of the project manager only technology can solve:

1. Register of decisions

Whether some employee of your team had to leave the company, where would all his/her knowledge and negotiations be? That person would be available to pass all the information to the team? Not to mention that it’s very common having documents and emails of decisions and approvals lost in several folders. With a project planning software, no intellectual capital is lost. For there’s one single system where the whole team works, a system that stores all negotiations, decisions and each file and comment shared. Thus, more than all data, the open communication between everyone is safe.


2. Time for each project

Another old problem the manager had to face – but now a good project planning software solves – is the calculation of hours required to perform a project. With such a tool, the manager has to estimate the time for each task type, e.g.: Process Review: 2h. Each responsible can redo this estimate, depending on the complexity of the task. The system will then be able to tell when it will be delivered – based on that person’s checklist. The deadline may change if the responsible needed more hours to complete it, or if his/her supervisor changed its priority. If a secure system takes care of it, the manager saves time to think about new strategies, how to motivate his/her team or even about to cut costs. Furthermore, you can check on your automatic reports the project progress, what is needed to be finished and what has already been delivered. After all, understand the efforts (working hours) will ensure that targets will be hit, the unprofitable projects will be renegotiated, and bottlenecks, eliminated.


3. Costs control

It is not exclusivity of Excel to know how much each project renders to the company. You don’t need to abandon the spreadsheets, but it’s time to review how you manage your business costs. You must know how much you pay for each employee’s hour. If not, add the amount the company spends on each employee per month – wage, benefits and taxes – and divide it by the number of hours worked in a month. With this information registered on a project planning software, you can control the amount spent per month, per employee and per project. Remember to enter into the system the expenses with suppliers. Then, just check the reports to answer: is the amount charged for performing the project in line with what has been spent? Much easier, isn’t it?


Trusting a project planning software can make your customers and suppliers – and your employees – trust more on you and your company. Try, the software recommended by 83% of our customers. The average increase in productivity reported by them is 25%. That means 1 day more per week. Try it for free:


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