New report General Task Control (and advanced filters for Corporate users)

Upon accessing the reports area in, managers now have the ‘’General Task Control’’ report, which lists off all of the tasks on the account, and presents their information in 19 columns (from task ID to tags, if any). By default, the system lists the tasks with the most activity in the last seven days.

There are four default filters (below), but Corporate plan customers have access to the advanced filter feature (also available in the project list).

1) Tasks delivered in the last 7 days,

2) Tasks to be delivered within the next 7 days,

3) Tasks that are being worked on at that moment,

4) Delayed tasks.

With the advanced filter the user can create and save customized filters to make their queries generate results faster. After you apply the filter, you can export the results to an XLSX or CSV file so you can handle the information the way you want.

This is yet another initiative from to broaden the “know-how” of managers and leaders who use the system to manage the work of their teams. Its use has a direct impact on increasing the control of projects and tasks in progress, as well as making access to information much easier – previously, it was necessary to use the textual search feature or search the platform to reach the desired information.

*Columns displayed in the “General Task Control”: ID, Priority, Title, Activity, Created by, Responsible, Team, Type, Client, Project, Status, State, Built in, Home, Delivery, Delay, Estimated Effort, Tags


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