launches the Corporate plan with new features

We are always excited when we can improve the way people work, by making the relationship between them easier, automating bureaucratic (and unprofitable) work and enhancing the data flow to help your decision-making. So, we are glad to say that we have just launched the Corporate plan, with new features for companies that look for an advanced project management. They are: task approval flow, project templates and project levels.

Task approval flow*:

To make the approving tasks flow even faster, the task responsible can click on “More actions”, select “Request approval” and the evaluator user. The task can be delivered when the evaluator approve it.


Project templates*:

If your team/company works on projects with similar tasks, arranged in a similar sequence, use the project templates to save time. For example: the Project Z, with 23 set tasks, may be doubled for each new client. All you need is to create a new template to the Project Z on the page Projects > Project templates. In this new template, add the “mother tasks”. Then, just create a project from that template.


Project levels*:

You are able to use that feature once you enable it on “Admin” > “Settings” and “Project levels”.


The admin can create up to 2 new levels between Client and Project: Task < Project < Level 3 < Level 4 < Client. Feel free to rename the levels 3 and 4. Then, when you create a new Project, the system will offer the possibility to choose a project group and a subgroup.


Here are some examples:

  • Task < Project < Level 3 < Level 4 < Client
  • Casting for TV ad < Offline Campaign < Christmas Campaign < Snack Brand < Food Group
  • Bug fix in the form < Institutional Website < MKT < Support < Client ABC
  • Room’s layout < Executive project < Project of the central building < Hotel Project < Client Name


Remember that these three features are available for the Corporate plan clients. If you are not a Corporate client yet, update your plan on this link.

*These 3 features are available to trial users. If this is your case and you choose the Teams plan after the 14-day trial, you will not be able to create new project templates or new projects from a template, nor make new task approval requests.

Don’t you know yet? Try it for free:


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