Start with the advantage. Pick the right name for your company

Even after defining the goals of a company and the methods needed to achieve them, some people may find it difficult to create it’s name. This may seem a much simpler task, but it might mean success or failure to an organization. Small Business Trends have some tips on how to select the right name for your organization.

1) Expert advice: You may need it

The name of your company has to generate interest and convey the right message. If this is not your field of expertise, you may hire an expert.

2) Informative or abstract: Wich should you choose:

What works for one business may not work to another, but there are some tactics that will benefit them all.

Pay attention to what your customers want, not what you want. Do not choose a long name with long words. Use words that sound familiar. Do not use puns, they may not be understood.

3) Trademark issues: How to stay safe

Violations can lead you to legal battles that will make you spend time and money. Do a research on the names you think are compatible to your organization. You might also hire a trademark attorney.

4) Make your choice

Now you should have a smaller number of possibilities, and you can choose the right observing three questions.

First, the name must convey the company image you want to create. Make some marketing research, asking your potential customers, what they think of each of the alternatives. Last but not least, ask your marketing people if that name has potential.

After choosing the name of your company, can help you organizing and prioritizing tasks. That will make easier to your employees to perform their best, since they can work on what really makes the difference for the team.

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