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The horizontal management is a trend at leading companies. But not even with complete freedom it’s possible to set aside the team management. There’s always the one that is more creative, other with more logical thinking, and also who controls the activities to hit the targets and objectives. As well as in the traditional companies. The role of the “controller” is delicate and requires flexibility. In a society like ours, which usually values only the individual and financial success, the controller have to work for team integration, by recognizing as successful the collective achievements. He/she shall prove that the exchanged learnings are not measured immediately in profit and, even so, are a heritage of the company. Check out how the team management works here at I hope we inspire you.

1. Our opinion

Here, transparency is present in all areas. We believe that controlling is about monitoring and verifying tasks, not spying or simply charging without cause. We believe that team management exists to mature talents, and this happens with the creation of a space – physical and/or virtual – for the whole team to dialogue and share knowledge. And you? Do you train your employees to follow orders or you make clear you expect for their opinion? Do they have this kind of freedom?


2. Our methodology

In our strategic planning, we define who can delegate tasks to whom and who can receive it from whom. This prevents employees from being overloaded with tasks demanded by informal “bosses”. We also understand – and adopt – the flexible working hours, for commitment is more important than timecard. Moreover, as you can see by reading our blog and knowing our tool, our motto is: Prioritize. Each task has its responsible, client or project and type, and everything (including documents) is organized and saved in this structure. At last, to understand the progress of our projects, we access our digital reports. That’s how we detect from bottlenecks to whom we should reward for efficiency. And then, we distribute virtual medals – our team loves it!


Do you agree with the position of about team management and our methodology? If so, don’t lose time and try our tool for free, it is recommended for 83% of our customers:


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