Ten steps to create a successful startup

Starting a new project can be a complicated task. A lot of times it is very hard to make investors believe in your rentability, or find the  customers that will leverage the company. For success in any area, a good strategic management is essential, but is not everything. Small Business Trends has a list of ten tips to achieve success in your startup:

1) Start with a great product

The first thing you really need is a great product or service and a customer base that will appreciate it.

2) Choose the right name

It is important to think that you are not giving a name to a startup, but a brand. Make the right first impression, look for simplicity and be descriptive.

3) Pay attention to your business plan

A good business plan is essential to the success of a startup. An efficient strategic management will be primordial to convince investors to provide the resources you need.

4) Make sure the price is right

Make sure that the price you are charging for your products and services is fair. Nothing more, nothing less. Research your competitors and the prices they are charging. Find out exactly how much what you have to offer worths to your customers.

5) Have a different approach to recruitment

The old role vacancy announcement plans have been replaced by online recruitment, a lot of it in LinkedIn. Now there is also TaskRabbit, a website dedicated to contractors, more focused in long-term work.

6) Make your startup an attractive acquisition target

Sometimes, the key to success is to build a company, product or service that other companies can use. Create something that other companies could build their model and sell it can be an interesting option.

7) Generate some buzz

Get people to talk about your brand. There are several tactics to achieve this. You can distribute free samples of your product, give interviews to local radio stations or newspapers, give free seminars in the area of ​​your expertize, or even look for some kind of joke that will make your customers interact with the organization.

8) Use Viral Marketing

Viral marketing has become the holy grail for companies that want to spread their message. Create infographics and videos to increase the reach of your brand.

9) Understand social media marketing, for real

Social media and social media marketing are not the same thing. Having an account on Facebook or Twitter, and update them regularly does not make you a professional social media marketing. Have a good planning and strategic management of digital marketing to take advantage of these resources.

10) Think about your mobile customers

No matter what kind of startup you are launching, a website is not enough anymore, unless it can be easily viewed on mobile devices. The ideal would be creating apps for smartphones and tablets, but provide a good visualization on these devices is already a nice way to begin. is a software that can help you, no matter what is the development stage of your company. With the tool, you will know what your team is working on and the status of tasks and projects, increasing overall productivity. Sign up for freeat our website

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