The best performance through the best planning

It is very common to associate, directly, more freedom in the work enviroment to more productivety. But it is not so simple. The increased autonomy has clearly many benefits, but it does not guarantee the best performance. In fact, the best way to get a better resul is from a well done planning. You never have to reduce the autonomy your employees have to do their work , but it is extremely important to let them know what is needed to be done. Find a way to organize and schedule a routine certainly bring a very positive result in the productivity of your company.

Harvard Business Review has made a list with three steps to create an effective planning.

1) “Must Do” Procedures

In almost every realm of organization activity, there are avoidable failures continually hitting the performance of a team. Making a list of your most important activities for each day, and mark what has already been accomplished, will help you avoid that and achieve the best performance.

2) “Should Do” Practices

It is important to establish to your employees how the work within the organization must be performed, to generate the best possible outcome. Autonomy can be important, but having a working method established will also benefit. The ideal is to balance things so that autonomy cannot be missunderstood, causing a lack of planning.

3) “May Do” Discretion

Once you have established the basic planning activities for your company, you must seek the best way to encourage your employess to engage with the mission, and motivate them to seek the best performance for the organization. That’s when you will have to stimulate the autonomy and initiative within the business. Never discourage it, but know the right way to support it. is a tool developed by managers to help other managers to control the activities of their companies. The system organizes and prioritizes tasks allowing people to work on what really generates the real results for an organization, making them reach their best performance.

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To read the article from Harvard Business Review, that deals with this subject, click here.



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