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What the performance surveys can really show

The best way to do a survey on the performance evaluation of a team is through anonymous feedback, right? After all, by doing so, your employee will give the true answers on each question, once that are no risks of any kind of problem, and it would generate more accurate results, isn’t that right?

Well, actually it is not so simple. Although this is a natural feeling, the true is that if the people in a company have some reason not to want their names to be associated with their answers, you may have just identified your first problem: lack of trust. Without a basic level of trust among team members, performance, labor relations, and individual well-being will be affected.

According to an article published on Harvard Business Trends, not even the guarantee of confidentiality will ensure the accuracy of the results on a survey. First of all, ratings may be inaccurate, biased, or even self-serving, and even if the answers are honest, they aren’t necessarily valid. Furthermore, identifying specific behaviors that need to change requires that members talk directly with each other about what they might do differently. Besides all of that, team members who expect anonymity are likely to feel threatened when those who are expecting clarification ask about their specific responses.

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avaliação de desempenho


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